specializes in providing advice and consultancy relating to the Commodity Futures and Foreign Exchange markets


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September 10, 2009:
We have come up with new ideas, new initiative with our brand new web indentity!

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Welcome to the world of commodity futures! Commodity futures have recently made a reappearance on the Indian horizon after a ban was imposed by the government in 1966.

With a full-fledged regulator to control market functioning, establishment of three nationwide online multi commodity exchanges, over twenty regional bourses along with a wide network of 2,000 brokers and several players tracking prices round the clock, the Indian commodity market is all set for a paradigm shift.

Given the fact that India is largely an agrarian economy, the commodities market offers unparalleled growth opportunities and advantages to a large cross-section of participants including Producers/Processors, Traders, Corporates, Cooperatives, Industry Associations, amongst others.

Still a virgin turf, the commodity futures market is evolving slowly but surely, and throwing up many an opportunity for hedgers, speculators, and arbitrageurs alike. While opportunities in commodity futures abound, the attendant risks are significant and an uninformed participant could easily lose a substantial portion of his or her capital. Any serious players in these markets, if they do not possess requisite capabilities, would do well to seek the services of a trusted advisor who can guide them safely through the treacherous markets.

And this is where we come in. We are an independent research firm dedicated to the commodity futures and foreign exchange markets. Backed by a team of veterans possessing rich experience in these fields, we are well equipped to assist all kinds of market participants venturing into commodity futures.